Why Brazilian Virgin Hair???
Brazilian Virgin hair is one of the best qualities of hair because the cuticles are unidirectional. This means women will have a lot less tangling. It is untreated and completely natural. The hair itself is thick, shiny and often contains a slight wave. Because of its texture, this type of hair extension can be used by a diverse variety of ethnic groups. Another reason women everywhere, including celebrities, choose Brazilian Virgin hair extensions is because of its shelf life. Brazilian Hair extensions can last up to a year when cared for properly. Gels, mouse, and style products shouldn't be applied by anyone other than a stylist. But, heat and even dyes can be safely applied for a beautiful, customized look. Brazilian Virgin hair is popular because of its reputation as shiny, sleek and healthy appearance. Flat, dry, or damaged looking extensions should never be considered to be a good purchase option.

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